Who we are

We are UBC Vancouver campus based focused on guiding undergraduates towards a career in medicine

The UBC Premedical Society has been around for over twenty years, and each year grows to inspire more students in achieving their medical dreams.

Every year we try to reach out to more students, knowing full well how difficult the road to medicine can be. With the resources and advice we have gathered over the years from past members, executives, sponsors and partners alike, rest assured that help is here if needed.

To help our members out, each year we hold various seminars, and events to introduce the world of medicine. Resources include : information and study groups for the MCAT, the MMI and the application process for medical school; all resources and more, our members can have access to.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in or if you have any further questions, send us an email at ubcpremed@gmail.com or message us on Facebook @UBCPreMedicalSociety.


UBC Pre-Medical Society

What We Do


The club offers opportunities to participate in events such as the clothing drive, dinner with doctors, prep101 seminars etc.


As a member, one of our notable events for networking is the annual dinner with doctors. Members are presented with an opportunity to ask current residents various questions.

Free Food

Being a student means needing some food so the club provides various events such as ‘clubs week’ for an opportunity to same delicious snacks.



  • Volunteer

  • $Free Per Event
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Free food offered
  • Choose Plan
  • Executive

  • Apply Winter Session
  • Access to designated club space
  • Club Swag
  • Build relationships
  • Free Food
  • Highly rewarding
  • Choose Plan

Our Sponsors

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